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  • 1 pcs 10 ml vacuum tube containing 1 ml sodium citrate

REIN PRP Tube is a vacuum tube containing 1 ml of sodium citrate. Ideal for Hospitals, Clinics, Branch Centers where the supportive medical supplies required for treatment are available. It has been designed and approved to enable you to provide appropriate
treatment to patients The sodium citrate used in REIN PRP Kits has a CE certificate, 3,13% Ph. Eur. or 3.8% Erg.-86. It is a high quality component with value. All of our products are produced in our facilities, which have a clean room in accordance
with “ISO Class 8” standards, and it is also confirmed by current validation measurements, without leaving aside our high quality.


Our kits are approved by the notified body (2195) and certified with a CE Class IIB certification by Notified Body/ According to Annex II (excluding section 4), Section 3 of the directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices. Also our product performances are measured by regular tests by independent organizations.

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