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  • 1 pc 10 ml vacuum tube containing 1 ml sodium citrate

  • 1 pc 5 ml luer lock syringe

  • 1 pc 18G 90mm spinal needle

  • 1 pc holder

  • 1 pc 21G 0.8*38mm needle

  • 1 pc 21G 0.8*40mm needle

The REIN PRP UNO kit, offers all the tools that the physician will need during the treatment in a single kit, 100% sterile and ensuring a fast and safe application which increases the adaptation of the patients to the treatment. Different from REIN PRP DUO, a single 10 ml vacuum tube containing 1 ml sodium citrate is included in KIT 2, for cases where a lower PRP concentration is preferred according to its area in practice.

The tubes used are not blood separation/storage tubes. These are human injectable tubes that fulfill CE Class IIB requirements, they have undergone necessary biocompatibility tests. Kit 2 is a complete PRP Kit approved with CE certification.

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