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Under Eye Bruises and PRP Treatment

Under Eye Bruises and PRP Treatment
Under Eye Bruises and PRP Treatment

Under eye bruises, defined as changes in skin color or darkening of the skin, are a common skin issue with various causes ranging from genetic factors to aging, allergies, and sleep irregularities. In this article, we will explore the causes of under eye bruises, various treatment methods, and the relationship between PRP and this problem.

Causes of Under Eye Bruises

The causes of under eye bruises include genetic factors, aging, allergies, sleep disorders, stress, smoking, alcohol, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to sunlight, eye strain, eye infection, and dry eyes. These factors can lead to changes such as thinning of the skin under the eyes, prominence of blood vessels, or increased pigmentation, resulting in bruising or darkening.

Preventive Measures for Under Eye Bruises

To prevent under eye bruises, you can make some lifestyle changes:

  • Ensure an adequate and regular sleep schedule. Sleep aids in skin renewal and improves blood circulation.

  • Keep your skin hydrated and rid it of toxins by drinking plenty of water.

  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, ensuring sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, and zinc.

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as they hinder oxygen intake to the skin and constrict blood vessels.

  • Protect yourself from excessive sunlight and use sunscreen.

  • Rest your eyes and avoid prolonged screen time.

If you have issues such as eye infection, allergies, or dryness, consult a doctor and do not neglect your eye health.

Under Eye Bruises and PRP Treatment

In addition to natural methods and cosmetic products for under eye bruises, innovative treatment options like PRP are available.

REIN PRP involves enriching a serum obtained from the patient's own blood and injecting it. This process provides an effective solution for under eye bruises, as the PRP serum with high platelet content increases blood circulation in the applied area, aiding in the repair of damaged tissues. During this process, the skin rejuvenates, becomes radiant, and gains elasticity.

REIN PRP treatment is typically planned for a minimum of 4 sessions, with a 2-week interval between each session. Local anesthetic cream can be used during the procedure, and injections made with fine needles cause minimal discomfort.

In conclusion, under eye bruises are a common issue affecting your skin health. However, by making lifestyle changes and opting for innovative treatment options like PRP, you can prevent or treat this problem. REIN PRP offers a reliable and effective solution for under eye bruises and can be applied according to personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Under Eye Treatment

Can REIN PRP be applied under the eyes?

Does REIN PRP eliminate under eye bruises?

How many sessions of REIN PRP should be applied?

Does REIN PRP treatment cause pain?

You can consult your doctor to get answers to these questions.

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